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Le Sacre du Printemps

Dance and Movie Project Jun. 2014

In a 'A City Dances - Le Sacre du Printemps' (The Rite of Spring), 74 residents of the German town of Hoyerswerda are taking a surprising look at the biography of their personal tendencies.

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Jane Bondage - Making The Album

Documentary Feb. 2014

Following the Alternative Rock band Jane Bondage, this two-part documentary provides a comprehensive and intriguing look into the production process of what is to become the band´s debut album „Caustics“.

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The Future

Short Film Aug. 2013

Short films featuring lyrics from the German song writter Gerhard Gundermann. The results of the art project are 5 short films, each by a different filmmaker. For my film I chose the song 'The Future'.

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Tóirse don Táin

TV Documentary Dec. 2012

A man's drive to enthuse the residents of Dundalk to rally behind his re-enactment of the legendary tale, the Cattle Raid of Cooley in an attempt to put the town of Dundalk on the irish tourist map.

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A City Dances: Gundermann!

Dance and Movie Project Sep. 2012

The project 'a city dances' of the Kulturfabrik Hoyerswerda goes on. This time the KUFA dance company invites all dance communities of the city to be part of an unique stage performance.

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Hoyerswerda is alive!

Dance and Movie Project Jun. 2011

What happens if a city, in danger of disappearing from the German landscape starts to dance? The city lives! Choreography, interviews and video sequences bring the changes of Hoyerswerda to the stage. Dance captures a moment of new urban culture.

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Sydney Convicts

Documentary Feb. 2011

Stuart is from Melbourne, Brian from Jamaica, and James from Sydney: their passion is rugby union. Sprains, bruises and spilt blood are an average Saturday afternoon. The Sydney Convicts Rugby Union team is an outfit like any other in Australia except for one thing: Brian, Stuart and James, and all their teammates, are gay.

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A City Dances

Dance and Movie Project Jun. 2010

Hoyerswerda is shrinking. A difficult process, but also an interesting story for an unusual stage performance.

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far away - so close

Short Films Apr. 2009

Five short films about German immigrants from the sixties till the present in down under.

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alle anders - alle gleich

Documentary Oct. 2008

Hoyerswerda - Synonym for racism, a shrinking city and the end of a socialist dream. How is it to live in a town that once carried prestige for being a model town? Galina from the Ukraine, Suleyman, Sinan, Suzan from Iraq and Juthamas from Thailand shows us through Hoyerswerda with a camera, all the while they ask themselves: “Can I ever be happy here?“

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On a Mission To God

Video Diary Sep. 2007

Don Romero and Don Domingo, two Protestant Mayan priests travel through the highlands of Guatemala, on a mission to God. Between exorcisims, social work and family life, they are on a continuous search to be closer to their Almighty.

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Beatbox Colombia

Documentary Dec. 2005

They call themselves 'Ghetto´s Clan', 'Topomental' and 'Operando'. They are between 19 and 29 years old. Their passion is rap music.They write and compose songs about the life and death that surrounds them. Their homes: The ghettos of Bogota and Cali. Two of the largest cities in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Columbia.

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Hoyerswerda's vanished dream

Interview Compilation Jun. 2003

A film about the lost dream of the former east German model town Hoyerswerda. The brave socialist experiment failed, the city is loosing their residents, the new buildings are being taken down. In interviews, the people from Hoyerswerda reflect about the hopes and difficulties they had, when everything began.

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Documentary Apr. 2001

In 1998, at the mature age of 38, Oleg ends his 30year classical ballet dance career. In November 2000, this once passionate Romeo loses his beloved daughter, his dreams and control over his finely trained body.